What is reality?

What is Reality? That is the question.

Am I willing to face reality of my health, the health of my parents, my job, and other decisions that need to be made when it comes to my own personal needs/wants?  Facing the unpleasant things of life is something that most people; myself included, don’t want to face. We pretend that if we don’t look at it then it mustn’t be a problem.  

At what point do we stop where we are and take that deep breath and turn around, look up, or just actually listen? When our health is so far gone that there is nothing anyone can do to help us? When you’re stuck in a dead-end, part-time, stressful job? When those you love have waned before your eyes and you have no means or time to help them?  

For me, personally, the time has truly come to stop where I am take that deep breath, look up AND listen. What do I see? Me: my health is not good. I am overweight and because of this my joints don’t work as they should. I am listening to how my body responds to what I eat.  For example bread is a HUGE culprit (not all bread like crackers etc). If I over indulge and have bread, like a sandwich or some rolls, throughout the day especially within an hour before bed my body is affected. The next day I can barely move because my legs are swollen and stiff.  I then find myself mentally kicking myself for being so stupid…again. I am good for days, weeks, and sometimes I can do well for a couple of months, but then something will tip me off and I am back on the vicious cycle. 

What am I going to do to combat this and face my reality? I am REALLY going listening to how my body responds to what I eat and then making the right changes to improve my health.  Once I am on my way to being healthier I will be able to focus on how and where I can help my parents. 

Of course there are the goals I can set like “I want to be apart of my niece’s and nephew’s lives” or “I want to be able to fly from MT to MS in comfort and not be embarrassed by asking for the seat belt extension”.  While these are good goals they are not ones I am going to focus on. No instead I am facing my current reality and set small goals like at the end of this week I want to be another 2 lbs down.  Another would be cut bread out this week.  One week at a time. 

Once a month I will write my blog and post it.  For me this is my current “storm”, and as the theme of my entire blog states “He sees me in the midst of the storm”.  Here I am in my boat fighting against the reality of wind and pelting rain; however now as I turn, look up and listen I will take time to hear God’s voice encouraging me to stop and breath, to allow Him control.  

It won’t be easy, but with friends, family, and God as my accountability I will survive to see another day. 

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