We are seeing the storm as it rises and takes hold. The darkness of the clouds crush people’s hope and if we stop praying for this country that hope will be snuffed out. We put our trust in the One who gives us hope that all will turn out for his glory. That the path ahead of us will not be filled with every snare the enemy has laid out. He is the lamp that will show the way in this dark time.

The Lord is our hope and salvation. This does not mean that the storm that is brewing will disappear overnight. The song “rain rain go away and come again another day” does not fit here. They said that 2020 was a unprecendented times in our history, but truly there was another time in history where the world was gripped in fear of virus that killed many and crushed the hope of thousands. This new year, 2021, many people hope for a better future, but what many are denying is that we are truly headed into unprecendented times. It is true our nation/the world has faced civil unrest and there were very dark times. However, in my opinion, we are headed into what Christians call the End Times. This time civil unrest will be unlike any other and many will feel the weight of the dark clouds from the storm. People’s hope will falter, be crushed and washed away in the rain.

I call us to keep praying. We pray to the One who gives us enternal hope. In our times of trouble He is our anchor. The darkness will arrive; yet we will have the Lamp to show us the way. Holding fast to His promise of Hope we will not be crushed, we won’t falter, and we will come out victorious on the other side.

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