Did you bring your shovel?

Life is often filled with pot holes, rocky terrain, sand dunes, and crashing waves. Of course there is also smooth sailing and the high mountain tops.  For those times when we are slogging through the mud and rain we need to remember to bring our shovels.
In this case, our shovel is … well the Word! We’ve all heard how the Word is the sword; which is great in battle and simply flashing around.  It is a shovel as well. Digging deep and drawing out the needed “meat” of the Word.
During this past simulcast with Priscilla Shirer I opened my mind and heart to hear what the Lord was telling me.  He was showing me how to dig deeper and to seek out more.  I will leave with you the steps that she, Priscilla, shared with us.
The 5 P’s:
  1. Position yourself to hear from God.  > If distracted by a mental reminder write it down then get back into your reading and prayer.
  2. Pore over the message and paraphrase the major points. > Take time to meander through the scriptures. One verse a week. Post it everywhere.
  3. Pull out the spiritual principles. > Is there a direction I am to heed?
  4. Pose the question. > Am I doing (do I believe) what I wrote down?
  5. Plan obedience and pin down the date.  > He expects to be obeyed.
This final thought.  Priscilla reminds us of this: When we speak it should point people to Jesus. Our actions should shine a light on Jesus.





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