The Saga continues…

I realized it has been a month since my last blog; therefore it was time to update for whoever reads these.  To those who do take time to read them… thank you.

This last month has been filled with many challenges, revelations and mind over matter (aka my stubbornness) changes.  Long of the short of it is that I must retrain my mind to avoid certain foods; such as added sugars and certain foods that I am “possibly” allergic to.  Still taking the foul tasting liquid supplements although I am looking for alternatives that will make the money holder feel less like we are going to go broke before we/I really begin to see changes.

I keep telling myself: “this is not a long term diet change”, “what your body is fighting didn’t happen overnight therefore healing won’t happen all in one day or month, but will take time”, and “this is for you: the present and future you”.

Today at work we had donuts in the break room.  They were tempting, but because I have been off of added sugars for about a week I wasn’t drooling over them.  I messaged my bestie and talked to mom about how they were tempting, but reminding myself that it wasn’t worth it.  Remembering how I feel when I eat sugar, how it affects my limbs and my overall mood.  Not worth losing all I had already fought for.  So I am proud to say I was able to walk away from them.

I know that was only one test and though I passed there will be others… some being much more tempting.  With my mom and my friends to help me stay focused this journey will not be in vain.

The storm for me in this not to allow myself to feel so overwhelmed I feel like I am going to break.  Part of what is happening is I have a lot of mental stress.  So imagine that all these changes I am making are not really helping the mental stress.  Until these changes become apart of my daily routine and are like a well learned habit my mental stress will remain at high levels.  Having friends, co-workers, and family that are willing to listen (not so much give advice… though welcome, but remember advice is something given not forced) then this storm can be weathered.  Prayers for strength, endurance, and patience are coveted.

Thank you again to those who read my blogs.

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