Bucket Lists

Just this month, August, I have started a new health plan that includes some foul tasting liquid herbal supplements that will help bring my hormones in to proper balance.  This journey of self discover, learning to overcome hurdles, and letting go of habits that have long stood in my way will be one of joy, sadness, but overall a sense of accomplishment.   On this journey I have a bucket list I keep before me so I won’t lose hope.

In order to obtain the main goals on my bucket list I have made smaller goals.  Recently I saw a sign that reminds the reader that if the goal cannot be reached do not change the goal, but change the plan.  So every week I set out to meet the goal of staying on track with diet, exercise and limiting the mental stress as much as possible.

I plan to update anyone who willing reads or accidentally stumbles upon my blog how my progress is going.

Currently since the 6th of this month I have noticed that I am able to get up and walk around with less heaviness.  I am more energized than I was last month.  Though these are some positive things I have dealt with some negatives like… I get flustered or confused by simple things. When this happens I stop and bring my focus back on what’s important. Take a deep breath and let it out. “It will be OK.”   The key is to not stress about stuff that I cannot change.  Let it go like water off a duck’s back and move on.

Anyway, my goal is to post every week if not more than that.


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